He begs his friends to check between their toes. The reason saved his life and it can save yours too.

We all know that the deadly form of skin cancer known as melanoma arises when moles and freckles change shape or size or when new ones appear.

But few people know that these moles can be in the most unlikely spots on your body including under your fingernails or between your toes.

Knowing the warning signs for melanoma and understanding the risk is important for everyone. Doctors and their assistants have created a simple acronym, ABCDE, to help protect you from this potentially deadly form of skin cancer.

​When examining your moles and skin, you want to remember the acronym ABCDE to check for melanoma warning signs.

A stands for Asymmetrical. If the mole or freckle doesn’t appear to be round and looks more like an amoeba, this could be a sign of melanoma.
B stands for Borders. If the mole’s borders are not noticeable or irregular, get it checked out by your doctor.
C stands for Color. Seeing different shades of color in the same mole is not good.
D stands for Dimension. Are your moles getting wider or thicker? Keep checking especially if they’re more than 6 mm in diameter.
E stands for Evolution. If your mole keeps changing in color or dimension, make sure you get it checked out.

Increasing your awareness about melanoma and the warning signs could save your life. So watch the video below for even more information to keep you and your family safe.


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