Everybody loves to have a pet. With time, we see them as family members and be able to do anything for them. And for most, cats are the best choose for to pet in home. Now you can think like it’s easy to pet a cat but when you have a cat, you need to consider it’s physiological balance. Home cats mostly rub themselves to their owners and street cats do the same to people whoever feeds them. But why cats do this behavior?

Why cats rub themselves to legs?

You can see a cat rubbing itself to your leg when you love them or pet them. Well it’s kind of hard to tell cat behaviors because everyone knows they act like whatever they want to in present moment. That’s why you need to look deeper of their behaviors. Because cats act instinctive. Most cat rubs itself to anyone’s leg. And that’ is leading us the reason. And the reason is just love. Cats learns this from their mother and it’s an act of love. You might see they rubs their head first. This is also a reflex because they do it since they are kittens.

Whom to cats rub?

This behavior of cats is not a special treatment for their owners. Cats do that to everyone they love. Or even when they want to meet someone, they do this act too. Mostly they wants to say hi to you or they want you to love and pet them. If a cat rubbing itself to you, that shows cat loved you or wants to know you.

Why cats rub themselves to objects?

Cats don’t only rub themselves to people. You can always see them rubbing themselves to anything. They rub themselves to their favorite cushion or wall. The main reason of this act is cats leave their smellĀ  by rubbing their back to a place or object. Also some of cats does this even to their owner for to protect them.

Cats are possessive animals

Cats are more committed to their owner than we know. Because of this, cats leave their smell to owners for to protect them from other cats on the outside. Cats can understand smell of pheromone. Animals usually does information transfer with their pheromone smell. Animals can understand other animals gender, mood and so many other thing about themselves. And they are only smelling each other for to do this.

You can see when you come home, your cat starts to rub itself to your legs. Because it’s taking another cats pheromone smell. And it wants to give it’s smell instead of another cats. Cats use this to keep their owner only for their. Specially ones who have strong bonds with their cats, mostly get this act from their cats. But don’t worry, it’s not a bad behavior. If a cat is rubbing itself to you, you should consider yourself lucky. And specially if this cat is your pet.


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