It’s a common myth that you shouldn’t brush your teeth until after breakfast – but which is correct? In an interview with Fit for Fun, an expert explains when you should brush your teeth.

Before or after breakfast? When is the best time to brush your teeth in the morning is controversial.

To be honest, between getting up, drinking coffee and driving to work, there is hardly any time to think about it.

If you look for the answer on the net, you won’t really get any clue, since the opinions on this topic differ widely. In an interview with FIT FOR FUN, an expert reveals how to do it right.

Brush teeth

Brush teeth

Brush your teeth after breakfast on one condition

“It’s best for your teeth to brush them about 30 minutes after breakfast,” says a dentist at the Munich dental practice Debie and Schatzl.

She explains that many people don’t have time in the morning to wait half an hour after eating. If you still prefer to brush your teeth after eating, according to the expert, you should never use a toothbrush immediately afterwards.

The reason for this is the acidity of the food, which attacks the tooth enamel. The teeth are softened for about 30 minutes. If you brush them during this time, the tooth surface is rubbed and the tooth can be damaged.

When is it better for you to clean after getting up

If you don’t have that much time in the morning, it’s better to brush your teeth before breakfast, the dentist continues. Stomach acid builds up on your teeth overnight.

If you brush your teeth immediately after getting up, the upper enamel layer of the tooth is removed. While this can damage the tooth, it’s a better solution than brushing right after eating.