Life hack for crunchy vegetables. Vegetables taste best when they are fresh and crisp. If you can’t or don’t want to go shopping every day, you have to come up with something for this pleasure. But what really works?

Incorrect storage is often the reason why vegetables soften more quickly or get brown spots. This is particularly annoying with seasonal vegetables such as asparagus.



Freshness trick for green asparagus

So that you can still enjoy your asparagus after the end of the season, all you need is a glass that is big enough.

  • Fill the glass up to a third with cold water.
  • Now place the asparagus upright in the jar. The ends are in the water.
  • The jar should be in a cool, dark place.
  • Change the water regularly while checking the vegetables for moldy spots.

If you like, you can put a foil over the asparagus heads. This extends the shelf life.

White asparagus stays fresh longer if you wrap it in a tea towel immediately after buying it and then store it in the fridge.



Crunchy root vegetables

Root vegetables can also be kept longer with a similar trick. For this, however, carrots, radishes and the like are not placed in a glass with water but in a container with sand. Alternatively, you can also use stones. The sand or stones cool the root and ensure that moisture is not lost.