McDonald’s is now the world’s largest network of fast-food restaurants.

American corporation doing anything to avoid losing rating: frequently changing menu launches a new collection of toys and do not forget to spend money on advertising.

The popularity of McDonald’s does not fall down, but many experts argue that such food is detrimental to human health. These easons will convince you to give up a Big Mac and fries forever.

Meat french fries?

Not long ago, the corporation assured all followers of vegetarianism that instead of beef fat french fries prepared on 100% olive oil. Partly McDonald kept the word, but that’s even before getting into the fryer fries is treated with a small amount of natural beef flavor!

Buns no bread

McDonald’s does not want to have losses. Therefore perishable pastries added as preservatives, it may be “fresh” several years. One of the ingredients of the magic – calcium sulfate, which is also known as gypsum. But even worse – ammonium sulfate, which can cause nausea and diarrhea.

Weight Gain

It would require tremendous effort to burn off the calories you will gain after eating a single meal at McDonalds. Your Coke, French Fries, Mexican wraps, Chicken Nuggets and Burgers may seem appetizing but they are a deadly mix of processed oil and calories. Until and unless you are ready to run 7 miles straight after your feast, you must drop the idea of fast food at McDonalds altogether. Obesity has become a major cause of ill health in the United States. One out of every three person in the US is obese. These alarming rates can be easily kept at bay by avoiding junk food.

Childhood Obesity

In 2005, the British medical publication The New England Journal of Medicine published a report stating that the lifespan of the current generation of children in America may be reduced due to obesity. Health minors depends on the food, and fast food is often the cause of childhood obesity and diabetes. But McDonald’s do not forget to open all new game room and let out all the new collection of toys for younger visitors.

McDonalds toys

Why do you think every happy meal comes with a set of toys for your kids? Is it simply a promotional attempt? These toys and gifts are a way to get your kids to begin early and remain life long customers once they get addicted to the taste of McDonalds food. Toys are a means to a vicious cycle of never ending consumption.Don’t be fooled by the adverts, they send out messages that may seem benign but will make yout its brand slave for years to com. Make an informed decision before you enter a McDonald today.

Lack of transparency

What is jarring about the whole fast food enterprise is the kind of secrecy that surrounds its service and delivery. From the methods of how the food is made to what ingredients have been used, there is no transparency in their dealing with customers. There is a very rosy picture painted of the “Happy Family” enjoying a “Happy Meal” but what goes on behind this image production is shrouded in mystery and incompetency. Still craving for that McBurger? I hope not!