Got an interview soon and don’t know what to wear? We’ll tell you which outfits are particularly well received at the job interview and which clothes are a real no-go.

First the agonizing wait for positive feedback, then the nervousness before the big day: a job interview gets on your nerves. It’s good when ‘woman’ has one less thing to worry about and the clothes for the interview have already been decided. Because when it comes to the outfit, there are six golden rules:

1. Clean and tidy

Sounds obvious and yet: This point is extremely important. Because recruiters pay attention to the smallest details during the interview.

An inconspicuous coffee stain that accidentally landed on your clothes? A no go! Make-up edges on the white blouse? Don’t go at all! A ladder in the pantyhose? Under no circumstance!

You are on the safe side if you have a change of clothes and spare tights with you. So just before the interview, be sure to check your clothes in the mirror again!

2. Sex sells? Not in the interview

An absolute no-go in a job interview: Sexy clothes. After all, the other person should not be convinced by your visual appeal, but by your skills. Provocative clothing means translated into HR language: With their appearance, they try to cover up their weaknesses.

So the ironed(!) blouse should stay buttoned up. Depending on the job, combine it with a simple blouse, decent jeans, suit trousers or a skirt. A lint-free blazer completes the overall look.

3. Less is more

Accessories are part of the clothing, this also applies to the job interview. But you shouldn’t overdo it. Eye-catching bling-bling earrings combined with a glittering statement necklace belong in the club, not in the job interview. Discreet jewelery is better , such as a filigree necklace, discreet ear studs AND: a watch. It shows your counterpart that you are not losing track of time. And time management is the be-all and end-all at work.

4. Not too high heels

The following applies to the shoes for your job interview outfit: they should be chic and simple. Classic pumps are a sure bet. They are better suited to serious occasions than sandals.

Are you at war with high heels and can’t walk well in them? Then it’s better to wear flat shoes like elegant leather lace-ups to the job interview. The reason: A wobbly gait immediately makes you appear insecure.

5. Subtle fragrance instead of a perfume cloud

The impression that the recruiter gets of you in the interview is not just about the clothes. Your scent is also crucial, because humans are nose animals. When choosing the perfume, you should choose a scent that is not too intrusive. And don’t bathe in perfume – a few squirts are enough. An obtrusive cloud of scent puts you off!

6. Naturalness is key!

What do recruiters want from applicants in interviews? Naturalness! But that is easier said than done. Because nervousness often throws a spanner in the works. But what we have in our hands: naturalness in terms of make-up and styling.

The complexion should look fresh and radiant for the job interview, impurities and shadows under the eyes should be covered. Smokey eyes in combination with eye-catching lipstick? Rather not! And don’t forget your fingernails! A manicure with subtle nail polish, whether done by yourself or by a professional, is part of the preparation for the job interview.

Job interview: Which outfits for which job?

So much for theory, let’s get down to practice. What the best attire for an interview looks like depends on the job you are applying for.

If you introduce yourself in a bank, you should present yourself more classically than if you introduce yourself for a job in the creative industry. Very important: you have to feel comfortable in your clothes!

Looking for inspiration? We present five outfits for you: suitable clothes for a nurse interview, a look for a hairdresser interview, interview clothes for a bank clerk and styling for a salesperson interview.


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