Your bank account is low, but you’re still in the mood for new clothes? No problem! We tell you how you can save money while shopping!

1. Have patience!

How many times have you been annoyed that the part you bought was in the reduced items a week later?

In order to avoid these moments of frustration in the future and to save money at the same time, next time you should just wait a bit before you strike. The next sale is just around the corner! In the online shops you can check when the parts are reduced.

2. Dare to go to thrift shops

When you think of flea markets and second-hand shops, you immediately think of mothball muffs? We recommend that you try it anyway! From time to time you can find real bargains in the shops and in the junk shops. Girls-only flea markets, where only women are allowed to sell their clothes, are particularly cool for shopping.

Find out on the Internet when such a flea market is taking place in your city. The online second-hand shop “” is a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to be in a rush to buy junk. And best of all, if you have some old parts, you can turn them into cash there (and buy lots of nice new stuff with them).

3. Rather rely on accessories

Are you standing in front of a full closet and have nothing to wear again? You don’t have to compulsively shop for a new outfit. It is often enough to spice up simple basics such as a turtleneck sweater and jeans with a new accessory.

Super hip and real eye-catchers: sparkling statement earrings. You can see even more current jewelery trends in the gallery.

4. Shop against the tide more often

Shopping for summer clothes in spring and winter clothes in autumn is the usual shopping cycle. Our tip: shop against the current! Most shops have last-season items that are heavily discounted. You can save up to 80 percent there.

5. Tidy up your closet!

Quite often we women stand in front of our cluttered closets and think that we won’t find anything to wear anyway.

Girls: This thought is a mistake! Because most of the time we just don’t know what’s hiding in the depths of our closet. So before you panic and start shopping for new clothes, you should do a thorough fashion inventory. It is best to sort your clothes according to basics, job fashion and going-out pieces. Real fashion professionals also sort their wardrobes by colour.